Michaela Gleave

The World Arrives at Night (Star Printer)


Dot matrix printer, mini PC, custom computer program, fanfold paper, table

Programming: Michael Fitzgerald

Duration: infinite 

Installation view: Melbourne Art Fair.  Photograph: Michaela Gleave


The World Arrives at Night (Star Printer) prints data relating to one star per minute of stars as they appear over the horizon for the location of the viewer.  Astronomically correct, the object tracks the rotation of the Earth, the waterfall of paper documenting the movements of the sky as time continually compresses in the paper stack on the floor.  Programmed to operate indefinitely, the work is a collaboration between artist Michaela Gleave and astronomer Michael Fitzgerald and combines a shared interest in the mechanisms of the universe and the human construction of understanding.  Monitoring the movement of the stars for eternity The World Arrives at Night (Star Printer) breaks down distinctions between day and night, the flow of data serving as a reminder of our position within the universe.