Occultation of Venus

4:15am Friday 9th October 2015, Royal Park, Melbourne

Michaela Gleave and Cameron Robbins would like to invite you to an en plein air viewing of the occultation of Venus on Friday October 9.  This event will be presented in association with the exhibition Lines of Sight, a collaborative exhibition of works by the two artists at Anna Pappas Gallery, which opens 6-8pm that evening.

Join the artists in Royal Park, Parkville, Melbourne at 4:15 a.m on Friday October 9 2015.

The event will clearly visible to the naked eye as it involves the two brightest things in the sky (after the Sun). 

Venus will disappear behind the crescent moon at 4:35 am and reappear at 5:50am. 

People are invited to gather on the rise in Royal Park, straight uphill into the centre of the Royal Park 200 metres from the corner of Gatehouse and Bayles St Parkville (not far from Children’s Hospital).  You are invited to bring: sketchbooks, thermos of hot drinks, warm clothes, binoculars, cameras, and camp chairs if you wish. 

We will provide two telescopes and some binoculars.  The artists will attempt to photograph the event through the telescope.  

Judgements about the weather can be made on the morning but it will have to be absolutely pouring to cancel the event.  In the event of a cancelation please check the twitter account @michaelagleave

Parking is on Gatehouse St.