Michaela Gleave

It Matters


Fire activated invisible ink on hand-embossed rag paper

HD Video 13:41 min,  Work on paper 42 x 59 cm.  

Installation view: Damien Minton Gallery.  Photograph: Alex Wisser

Video still: Michaela Gleave


Following a recipe for fire-activated invisible ink, the words IT MATTERS are written across a sheet of paper.  The areas of paper treated by the ink burn faster than those surrounding, the text slowly etching a pathway across the sheet and dividing it in two.

It Matters was made in response to an invitation to create work for an exhibition held in a set of plan drawers, previously belonging to a now-closed map shop.  The drawer allocated was 'States'. This term was interpreted both in relation to 'states of matter' but also to the geopolitical division of land which so often results in the violent separation of communities and landscapes.   Created using potassium nitrate, a key ingredient in gun powder, the work reflects on boarder conflicts that continue to cause grief and tragedy.

For link to video please contact the artist.