Irreversible Actions/Inevitable Reactions


Fire-activated invisible ink on hand-embossed watercolour paper

Two channel video (looped), 8:40 and 10:30 min

Works on paper: 56 x 76cm


Following a recipe for fire-activated invisible ink, the words IRREVERSIBLE ACTIONS/INEVITABLE REACTIONS are written across two sheets of paper.  The areas of paper treated by the ink burn faster than those surrounding, with four points of fire slowly etching their way across the sheet to meet in the middle.

Irreversible Actions/Inevitable considers the violence of imposing geopolitical borders on people and landscapes, particularly in light of the recent refugee crisis in Europe.  Made using potassium nitrate - a key ingredient in gun powder - the text also references the second law of thermodynamics and the language of chemistry, responding to the technology of warfare and the physical laws that bound existence.  

For link to videos please contact the artist.