Pull up a deck chair.  Slide your feet into the sand.  Sit back, relax, and start dreaming yourself a future.  Armed with AstroTurf, tropical prints, beach umbrellas, and the dulcet tones of Hawaiian steel strings, Michaela Gleave’s ‘Future Dreaming Station’ wants to find out what makes you tick and where you’re headed in the future.  Is humanity doomed, or does techno-topia beckon? 

Originally presented on Queen Street, Campbelltown, as research for the exhibition The List, the project aimed to discover how the people of Campbelltown felt about their future and that of their community.  The survey results were used to inspire the performative installation Closed Loop, exhibited at the Campbelltown Arts Centre in 2014.  Text from the survey was projected into the space outside of performance times.

A revised version of the survey has since been presented at Dara Gill's Futures ArtBar at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.  A link to the ArtBar survey can be found here, with results viewable here*.


*Please note that data entry of ArtBar surveys has not yet been completed.