Michaela Gleave

Cloud Spa (Faux Mo)


Timber construction, water, misting units, plumbing, LEDs, scent

Created for Faux Mo 2016,  MONA FOMA, Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania

Photographs 1-7 by Michaela Gleave, 8-10 by Rémi Chauvin, Faux Mo 2016


Cloud Spa (Faux Mo) was a pool of real cloud, installed underground in the deepest depths of Faux Mo 2016.  A retro-futuristic spa environment, the only source of light in the room were blue and aqua LEDs, installed at cloud level to illuminate the abyss.  Accessed via a wooden ladder and circular entrance the internal space was modelled to operate somewhere between a 70's conversation pit, theatre in-the-round, and communal bath house.  The cloud was charged with ions, promoting feelings of well-being, and scented to encourage astral travel.  A space for discussion and contemplation, rejuvenation and relaxation; a respite in the three days of madness that is Faux Mo.


With thanks to Jamin Kluss, Aedan Howlett and the team at Faux MO.