A Galaxy of Suns - the Video

Michaela Gleave with Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong


Live HD video feed, duration: infinite

A Galaxy of Suns ‘plays’ the stars as they rise and set over 360º of the horizon - for any location on Earth. Re-imagined for large-scale video projection this work is an evolution of the app and performance project of the same name and continues the A Galaxy of Suns exploration into unseen forces of the universe.

Tracking the Earth’s motions through space, A Galaxy of Suns  documents in real-time the audience’s precise position in relation to the stars, sonifying stellar data to create a sound and visual composition unique to their location in space and time.  The project works with parameters such as location on the horizon, brightness, size, age and chemical composition of stars, and translates them into sonic and aesthetic variables including rhythm, pitch, volume, panning, colour and light intensity.